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Case Studies (Legal)

Surveying Case Studies Bristol
We do encourage you to seek advice from us before you find yourself in difficulties. We can then ensure:
  • you have work which is properly priced
  • you’re not tied into an onerous contract
  • you have a realistic programme
  • the other parties are competent and financially sound
  • everything possible is done to foresee and minimise risk
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Bungalow, Bristol (acting for the defendant)

Side Extension to House to Form Flats, Bristol (acting for the building company)

Repairs to New House, Abergavenny (acting for the claimant)

Repairs to New House, Winford (acting for the prospective remedial works specialist)

Re-roofing, Bristol (acting for the defendant)

Garage and Drive, Bath (acting for the property owner)

Shopping Centre, London (acting for the claimant)

Bridge Painting, Bristol (acting for the claimant)

Refurbishment of Workshops as Offices, Bristol (acting for the claimant)

Government Offices, Cardiff (acting for the claimant)

Hospital, Isle of Wight (acting for the claimant)

Village Hall & Sports Changing Facility, Somerset (acting for the defendant)

Fire Sprinkler Installations, UK (acting for the claimant)

Barn Construction, Somerset (acting for the defendant)

Quantity Surveyor Testimonial
The terms ‘defendant’ and ‘claimant’, where used above, are simply to indicate relationship regardless of whether or not legal proceedings were instigated.

Our aim is always to thoroughly research a case, negotiate, and endeavour to reach a settlement and avoid the costs of court action – in fact we are proud that the strength of our work has, in every case, meant that we have never had to give evidence in court.

Besides such cases as the above, we have been involved with numerous presentations, negotiations and settlement of claims and variations etc where account closure has routinely been achieved without elevation to formal dispute status.